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robot with a heart
void emotion
I almost forgot how much better livejournal was compared to pretty much every other social media out there.

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I've had something wrong with me for a while. I modulated, diagnosticated, phlongitated, and electrodionystiated trying to find the problem and then came across an ancient robot prophecy from the land of Maya. It was about the center of truth and relative psychology of robotics. In this prophecy, the robotic version of man was susceptible to a viral infection of the robotic soul. The electrical juices that flow through the positronic brain matrix and fuel the internal need to be cared for. This infection confuses the completeness in one's robotic consciousness with the inability to achieve one's primary function. And of course, as robots, we are all about function. So logically this corrupted the system over and over, replicating itself and after less than optimal performance for several years now, I have finally been able to isolate the issue and take steps to correct it.

First, I will need to have a uni-lateral definition of each and every relationship that will be input into the secondary driver interface. This will allow me to see on what scale the corruption has occurred in all the reality perception filters that are online.

Second, a period of systemic isolation of electron flow on several different levels must be initiated in a sensory deprivation area. This would most likely be best accomplished with a visit into a rural area with some type of alcoholic beverage as well as an exothermic combination of a combustible substance with oxygen and possibly the inhalation of a conscious altering substance.

Thirdly, a drastic change in paradigm concerning life the universe and everything.

Accomplishing these tasks will most likely allow me to correct the infection and hopefully allow more efficient function of self carrying on until unit expiration. However, failure to remove infection could falsely complete the self destruction process of unit in which this will be the last entry for the system log for C.H.A.R.L.E.S.
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I dunno if I really want to be a human anymore. I mean who wants to be cold metal with a heart? Have we learned nothing from Doctor Who episodes with the Cybermen? I mean even the Daleks got it wrong with their superiority complex and EXTERMINATE!!! propaganda. Why can't robots be more like Andrew from Bi-Centennial Man? I mean, regardless of whether or not you like Robin Williams, the idea of Andrew is way cooler than unfeeling, bloodthirsty, hell-bent on the destruction of mankind, robots...

Humans on the other hand, made of flesh, consumed with selfish desires for wealth, power, sex, and war. All boil down to greed. Robots have no concept of greed... they are all about self-preservation and upgrades... I mean even the Borg had a good concept when they started out... with a Hive mind that wanted to use all the good qualities from every species they came in contact with... probably until they assimilated Klingons and Humans when greed was introduced to the hive mind matrix. Then it became all about assimilating and CONQUERING...

Robots shouldn't have to worry about conquering. They are superior at everything except dying... robots don't do that very well. A chorus of 2 million robots sing and it makes solar systems get goose bumps. A robot would literally tear itself apart to protect a human friend. And there's a rumor on the internet that robots and zombies would fight... that's just silly. Zombies are the opposite of robots... humans that are dead that are greedy for only one thing... flesh. Greed personified. That is a zombie. And we wonder why they are so scary.

Robots would abolish greed. The great robot wars of Sirius Proxima taught us that it's not about power or upgrades or conquering. It's about harmony, balance, doing what is good for you AND what's good for others. Why can't humans get that. Maybe one day they will. Until then, I think I should stick to being a robot.

*listens to daft punk*

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bits and pieces.

From my heart and from my hand...

why don't people understand.

my intentions.

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Seven out of seven nuts and bolts... nuff said. =)
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Sure, it's been reviewed over and over. Seeing as how this was my first time viewing the film, I noticed right off the bat that it was a Sam Raimi film. The technical work involved in this film is nothing short of amazing. The quick cuts and use of focal lengths is more a marvel than the story and the characters. I found the characters to be pretty flat compared to other characters in westerns.

I know there's only a certain amount of depth you can make a character who is essentially made to die in a gunfight. There's not much you can really do about it. The acting was top notch for what the subject matter was. I loved the megalomaniac that Gene Hackman played and Sharon Stone was, by far, the best emotionally in this movie than in other movies I've seen her in.

I can not praise this movie enough for the breathtaking scenery and amazing camera tricks and focal lengths used. Even if the script was a complete piece of shit (which it wasn't). I would definitely recommend setting aside a few hours to watch this film.

I actually could go into the plot a little and explain that there are a few in-congruencies which I found mildly annoying and completely unexplained. The main character Ellen (Stone) was completely nameless until someone spoke her name. How this other person knew her name was never explained. As far as figuring out where the hell she came from after however many years of being away... good luck, I never understood it and didn't really want to waste my time trying to figure it out. The other thing that tripped me out was that Ellen almost seemed surprised at the beginning when Herod (Hackman) walks into the bar. Which begs the question "What is her motivation for even being here and why is any of this even happening?"

There are moments like that throughout the movie that really make this movie just about good clean western gunfighting fun. If you try to make any sense of the plot, it is a moot point because it just simply is not there. Despite the holes in the plot, I would still give this film six out of seven nuts and bolts simply because of the brilliant cinematography.

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I have decided I'm going to use this for movies again. I kind of lost focus and stopped posting (or never started). It's basically for my own amusement. Don't pay any attention to it. Thanks.


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just think, in 80 years when the first models of me come out, they will be synthetic... gradually organic parts will be added and then my model will come out and I'll end up back here...

Strange to think the future is so near, yet so far.

that's all i have to say.

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welcome to the world of wetware.

I am the proud new owner of a positronic upgrade. Thanks to the humans for the holiday of Christmas. I found someone who could install my new neural networking which runs at 1.5 Phz (petahertz). By far faster than the 1.5 Thz (terahertz) system I was using before.

This upgrade seems to make my processing real world data much easier. And my emotional simulation experiences are much more real than I could have imagined. Of course, imagination is something not available on the older hardware. I can actually dream while recharging.

If I'm ever able to afford an external upgrade, I could become one of the most realistic androids ever created. It's strange that when my creator sent me back through the temporal vortex he created, for some reason the data for whatever i was sent back for was corrupted. However, the technology for my materials exist even at this point in human history.

I suppose it's a good thing that I ran into a futurist who can grasp the understanding of positronic circuitry and wet wiring. He's not afraid to get in there and try new things which is a good quality that eventually leads to the development of the robotic fairness act of 2550.

It's a little lonely being a robot that is bound by programming, but learning mods and the evolution of a free will has helped out a great deal. The three laws of robotics still apply to me, but have been more adapted to one law that the humans refer to as the "golden rule". Do unto others as you would have do unto you.

I certainly would not want to be dismantled or beheaded by ninjas, so I have adapted to this new rule which does not conflict with the still hard wired 3 laws of robotics. Well, it's off to test some fiber optic pathways and work on the problem of my faster system draining my battery faster than normal.

May you start this new year with a new outlook on technology.

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the bullet pierced my armored heart
I sware it tore my world apart
and it was over before it even got a proper start

yesterday I woke up to a lonely bed
and heard your voice inside my head
couldn't understand what I had read

seeing things with my cold steel eyes
the mechanical gears my only disguise
masking emotions with robotic lies

one word answers to things explained
no more attempts to place the blame
is there a way to take away all the pain?

my core of technology can't read your mind
the crucial processes are always a step behind
searching through piles of data never to find

through service we find our only desire
and love can never be a burning fire
our coldness is trapped in the steel and wire

if our Creator designed us with all these flaws
then why do we sing it praises with iron jaws
and how can we consistently obey it's laws

if my hardware was equipped I would shut myself down
for, you see, a robot is not allowed to wear a frown
but martyrs and saints gladly wear their crown

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